J-WoWW’s Ex Claims She Owes Him $350K

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Jersey Shore’s J-WoWW is being sued by her ex-boyfriend and former business manager for allegedly not paying him his share from her many endorsement deals.

According to TMZ, J-WoWW is being sued by her ex-boyfriend Thomas Lippolis for $350,000 in unpaid services.

Thomas claims that he was the “sole negotiating agent” in J-WoWW’s Jersey Shore contract, landing her $17,500 per episode on the second season and snagging a possible $75,000 bonus at the end of the season.

Thomas also alleges that he negotiated J-WoWW’s lucrative contract with Australian Gold, a tanning lotion company.

Thomas filed his lawsuit against J-WoWW in in New York on Friday morning.

J-WoWW tells TMZ that Thomas did not negotiate her tanning or MTV contract and that he was paid his cut for the club appearances that he booked.

This isn’t the first legal problem for J-WoWW– the reality star was recently threatened with legal action over her fashion line, Filthy Couture, after another company claimed copyright infringement over the name “Filthy.” The celeb was forced to shut down the clothing line and refund all of her customers.

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