Justin Bieber Is a Rubik’s Cube Wizard (VIDEO)

Is there no end to Justin Bieber’s talents? Singer. Songwriter. Multi-instrumentalist. International heartthrob. Expert mustache-wearer. And now, as it turns out, a Rubik’s Cube wizard.

The “Baby” belter appeared on Spanish television program El Hormiguero (The Anthill) this week, where he tested his skill at the popular but frustrating ’80s puzzle toy. Though he wasn’t even a glimmer in his father’s eye during the Rubik’s Cube’s heyday, the 16-year-old put himself into the zone and solved the puzzle with mind-boggling speed.

Check out the video of Bieber’s amazing feat below. Do you think you could solve a Rubik’s Cube faster than the Biebs? Sound off in the comments section.