Mila Kunis’ Dad Walked Out of ‘Black Swan’ Sex Scene

While pretty much every other red-blooded male on the planet is looking forward to seeing Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman get busy on the big screen in the ballet thriller Black Swan, Kunis’ father isn’t among them.

The former That ’70s Show beauty tells Parade magazine that her dad, Mark Kunis, was so uncomfortable with her love scenes with Portman that he excused himself from the theater:

“I feel sorry for my dad though. If I’m not mistaken, he walked out during the sex scene in Black Swan. I just don’t think he wants to envision his daughter doing that kind of thing.”

Papa Kunis should take heart, however; the 27-year-old actress—who’s in a long-term relationship with former child actor Macaulay Culkin—says that filming the scenes was no day in the park for her, either:

“I don’t think [she and Portman] were laughing between takes. I think we were like, ‘Let’s just get this over with.’ It’s uncomfortable doing a sex scene. It’s just bizarre. Luckily, we were friends, so we were able to get through it.”

Black Swan opens in theaters today. Will you be checking it out? Let us know in the comments section, after checking out the trailer below: