Two Events in One Night — Stark Studio Opening and Maya Brenner Jewelry!

Christina Uzzardi: Nothing says happy holidays better than discounted jewelry and cupcakes. Throw in complimentary RGB manicures, custom-made wreaths, cookies, 30% off candles and a worthwhile charity and you’ve got a truly chic happening!

My Windows 7 Phone and I got a first hand experience at one of these savvy So Cal fetes this past Thursday. We stopped off at Stark Waxing Studio in L.A.’s hip Silverlake neighborhood. Praised for their pain-free and speedy waxing, Stark is the go-to for a smooth exterior. And if you’re among the many who flock there, you’ll know they don’t just serve up the hair removing kind of wax. The entire shop is a gift-givers dream, with namesake soy wax candles in the most yummy scents, children’s books and beautiful jewelry adorning the waiting room.

So, in honor of the holiday season, Stark teamed up with jewelry designer Maya Brenner (she makes those clever little state necklaces), Lark Bakery and RGB Cosmetics to host this remarkable holiday event. Among the festivities, the non-profit group Pablove Shutterbugs hosted a raffle, with all proceeds going to their organization to fight childhood cancer.

My trusty Windows 7 Phone and I (we’ve become quite the pair) arrived early to score first dibs on Maya’s jewelry. And good thing we did, because this stuff was selling out fast–the entire collection was 30% off! Women were nearly fighting for the right piece. I was reminded of the not-so-long-ago Lanvin for H&M opening! Windows and I managed to take a few shots of the display cases, Maya’s dainty rings, and some cheerful shoppers.

After round one we made it to the back of the studio, where the patio was jam packed with free RGB polish changes (I got a cute snap of the manicurists) , cookies, cupcakes, tea and the darling Pablove Shutterbug’s raffle table. First stop was a polish change. I opted for RGB’s newest shade “Sea”, a dark, nearly metallic green perfect for the holidays.Then it was off to sample Lark’s famous Tea Cookies and Mini Cupcakes. Yes, they lived up to their reputation. Finally I grabbed a hand-made wreath from the quaint Bittersweet Butterfly flower shop. It’s perfect!

After buying a few raffle tickets, and spilling iced tea all over my new Rachel Comey dress (no, I didn’t snap of picture of it), I made it back to the check out stand to assess the damage. Not too bad. It was all on sale after all. Thanks for good time and holiday cheer, Stark.

And yes, you too Windows 7 Phone!

Check out all the photos here!