Will Demi Lovato’s Punch Victim Sue?

Alex Welch, a back-up dancer on the Jonas Brothers’ South American tour, has released photos of bruises allegedly caused by teen star Demi Lovato during her October breakdown. According to sources, Alex is now considering legal action against Demi despite warnings from the star’s family to call the whole thing off.

TMZ recently published photos of Alex with two minor facial bruises that were reportedly caused by Demi. The photos show a small bruise under Alex’s left eye and a dark bruise on her left cheek.

According to the website, Alex was sitting on a private plane in late October with the rest of the crew from the JoBros and Demi’s South American tour when Demi “walked up to Alex with a closed fist [and] struck her on the left side of her face.”

Demi was forced to leave the plane (which was about to depart from Bogota, Columbia) and checked into a treatment facility on October 30. Demi has yet to be released from the treatment center.

TMZ reports that Alex finished the rest of the Demi-less South American tour and has hired star lawyer Donald Karpel to “consider her legal options.”

Meanwhile, Demi’s estranged father publicly urged Alex to not seek legal action because “she won’t win … Demi has really good lawyers and so does Disney,” Patrick Lovato told RadarOnline, “This girl shouldn’t sue.”

The legal threats and bruises are the bizarre end to the friendship between the dancer and Demi. Alex had been a back-up dancer for Demi and her BFFs, the Jonas Brothers, for several years and even appeared alongside Demi during a dance number in Camp Rock 2.

Watch the two former pals dance it up below.

The two weren’t just work pals, they also frequently tweeted photos of each other hanging out. “Love these girls,” Demi once tweeted on her now defunct Twitter account about Alex and another dancer.

Alex, a self-described “dancer-actress-artist,” has kept quiet about the bruise photos circulating the web.

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