‘Spider-Man’ Reboot Gets a New Bad Guy

Watch out, Spidey; you have a new villain to contend with.

Slumdog Millionaire actor Irrfan Khan, who played a police inspector in the surprise 2008 hit, will move to the other side of the law to play a bad guy in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. Khan will be portraying Nels Van Adder, aka “Proto-Goblin,” in the film.

According to Van Adder’s brief appearance in the Spider-Man comics, he served as an employee of Norman Osborn’s Oscorp. Osborn (aka Green Goblin) tested his partner’s serum on Van Adder, giving him powers that include large claws, talons, fangs, and an almost impenetrable skin. It’s been suggested that the inclusion of Proto-Goblin will set the stage for the return of the Green Goblin in the rebooted series. (In previous installments, Osborn/Green Goblin was portrayed by Willem Dafoe.)

The revamped Spider-Man, which stars Andrew Garfield as the famed web-slinger in place of Tobey Maguire, is slated to hit theaters on July 3, 2012.

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