‘American Idol’ Might Take ‘Real World’ Approach

Ready for yet more changes to American Idol when it returns for its 10th season?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the series’ producers plan to have this season’s Top 12 live together in a house in the Hollywood Hills, with footage possibly being aired on the series in a seeming bid to generate some Real World-type drama. In addition, the contestants’ Twitter restrictions have been loosened, meaning they’ll be allowed to communicate with fans throughout the season. (Last season, the contestants’ were allowed to communicate via social media for a period of time, but were consolidated into a single Idol feed midway through the season.

Another possible break from the Idol format—contestants might be sent out on a road trip, specifically to Las Vegas, where they would engage in an “integration” with the Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles-themed production Love.

All of this, of course, would come in addition to the upheaval on the Idol judges’ panel, which now includes Aerosmith yowler Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, and a previously announced plan to have potential Idols film their own music videos throughout the course of the season.

Will these proposed new changes help retain your interest in American Idol? Share your thoughts in the comments section.