Kirsten Dunst Once Forgot the ‘Difference Between Right or Wrong’

Kirsten Dunst is finally opening up about her 2008 stint in rehab for depression as she does press for the release of her new film All Good Things with Ryan Gosling, revealing that all was not so good a few years ago.

“I know what it’s like to lose yourself, to no longer know the difference between right or wrong,” Dunst told BlackBook magazine while reliving her monthlong stay at Cirque Lodge rehab in Park City, Utah, a time in her life she also called “awful.” All Good Things was her first acting job after checking out.

One of the worst parts, she says, was dealing with rumors that her rehab stay was drug related. Worse still, her friends and family were forced to defend her from public speculation.

“On a personal level, I would talk to anybody about it, but not on a public level. If I do that, then the next person feels like they can ask me about it, and the person after that, until everyone feels entitled to ask me about it, and that’s not coming from a good place.”

But lemons, even in Hollywood, can make box office lemonade. Kirsten believes her depression actually helped her to connect with her character in All Good Things.

“I was ready to play something like that,” Dunst said. “I had been living on the surface, emotionally, and I was feeling really vulnerable, so I was prepared to do anything at that point.”

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