Ryan Gosling Offered Moving Job

Ryan Gosling may be a famous actor but the dreamboat once had a chance to leave behind all the glitz and glam of Hollywood to become…a professional mover.

Blue Valentine director Derek Cainfrance revealed that Ryan was offered a job with a professional moving company he was immersed with while preparing for his role in the film.

“Ryan went out with [these movers] for a couple of days and he really moved my director of photography from his six-floor walk-up apartment in the Lower East Side,” explains Derek, “At the beginning of the day all these guys were like, ‘Who’s this movie star?’ But by lunch time they were ready to give him a job and keep him!”

Watch Ryan in the Blue Valentine trailer below.

Ryan caused a splash in New York when he was spotted by fans working with the moving company around Manhattan. Check out photos of Ryan receiving (or maybe giving) a bouquet of pink roses from an elderly woman. You can’t blame her for trying to woo Ryan, he makes an adorable moving man!

Ryan’s temporary co-workers from New York’s Steinway Movers later appeared in the film as real-life movers.

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