Chelsea Staub Changes Name To Chelsea Kane!

Chelsea Staub fans will have to memorize a new name if they want to follow the latest news on their favorite star – the Jonas LA actress has announced that she will henceforth be known professionally as “Chelsea Kane.”

A rep for the blonde beauty tells Celebuzz that Chelsea (real name: Chelsea Kane Staub) has been known privately as Chelsea Kane for years.

“She felt since Jonas was ending, now was the right time to transition,” Chelsea’s rep told us. Hey, it’s always a good time to try on a new name, just ask Prince or Diddy!

While her name has changed in the professional world, Chelsea will still use her “Staub” Twitter account name for the time being.

What’s next for Chelsea now that she has a brand new name? The actress will star in Lockerz’ original series, The Homes, which premieres in January.

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