Darren Criss Reveals His ‘Glee’ Audition Song

Darren Criss’ angelic voice and good looks are quite possibly the best thing to happen on this season of Glee, but what song helped him clinch his role on the hit show?

Believe it or not, the Britney Spears classic “…Baby One More Time” is what the 23-year-old cutie sang at his audition.

Darren recently spoke with Elle magazine and said:

“I totally prepped out because my character goes to an all-boys school, and then I sang ‘…Baby One More Time.'”

He also chatted about the best part of being on Glee:

Being on Glee is just a really cool presence to have in pop culture. We all want to be doing something that’s greater than ourselves, and the show’s become such a cool soapbox with lot to say; it really speaks out for gay teens and the LGBT community.

He’s cute, he can sing, and he’s well-spoken? What a dreamboat.

If you want to read the rest of the interview, ours buds at Oh No They Didn’t have got you covered.

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