Exclusive: Demi Lovato Settlement Report ‘Completely Fabricated’

Recent reports that Demi Lovato paid dancer Alex Welch six figures after the two allegedly got into a fight are false, Demi’s rep exclusively tells Celebuzz.

Demi’s publicist says a Chicago Sun-Times report that the star paid Alex six figures in a settlement are “completely fabricated.”

Alex has been threatening to sue Demi for reportedly punching her while the two were on tour in South America with the Jonas Brothers. Celebuzz previously spoke with attorney Stuart Slotnick who doubted that the back-up dancer would be able to win the case since her report injuries were not serious enough to merit a civil case.

“If people could sue one another for causing bruises, we would all be in a lot of trouble,” Stuart told Celebuzz earlier this week, “[If there isn’t] some serious injury, a lawsuit may not be appropriate.”

Demi allegedly punched Alex in October while the two were boarding a private plane in Bogota, Colombia. Following the alleged fight, Demi immediately quit her tour with the JoBros and checked herself into a treatment facility. Demi is reportedly in treatment for eating disorders and issues with self-harm.

Alex previously released photos of bruises that she claims were caused by Demi’s “sucker punch.” Alex claims that she is planning on filing a civil suit against Demi next week.

Things weren’t always so contentious between the two former friends– Demi and Alex were close friends before their reported scuffle and even appeared in Camp Rock 2 together.

Watch a video of the two dancing together in Camp Rock 2 below.

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