Robert Pattinson Auction Nets $80,000 for Charity

No doubt, many Twihards out there wold give their eye-fangs to hang out with Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson for a day. But $80,000? It might seem excessive, but that’s what one mega-fan of the vampire series has ponied up for the honor.

The Improper reports that an anonymous bidder has forked over that princely sum in exchange for palling around with R-Pattz on the Vancouver set of Breaking Dawn in an online auction that benefits Go Campaign, which helps children living in poverty worldwide.

It’s unknown what will be on the agenda for the meeting, but the auction winner will also receive tow nights’ lodging at Vancouver’s luxurious Four Seasons Hotel, plus VIP limousine transportation to and from the set, so really, it’s quite the bargain.

How much would you pay to spend the day with Robert Pattinson? Let the bidding begin in the comments section!