Taylor Lautner Is Going to Jail

Taylor Lautner Is Going to Jail-photo
Brace yourselves, Taylor Lautner fans; your favorite werewolf will be spending time behind bars. At least on the big screen.

The 18-year-old Twilight beefcake has just signed on to star in the upcoming action-thriller Incareron, an adaptation of a young-adult novel written by Catherine Fisher. The plot is a dark fantasy based around a character named Finn (who'll be played by Lautner), who wakes up with no memory in a vast prison complex. Plagued by a vague notion that he come "from the outseide," Finn begins communicating with the warden's daughter, Claudia, who's trapped in her own private prison that's inspired by the 17th century run by computers, and the two of them plot an escape for Finn.

Are you interested in seeing Taylor in such a role? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • Gust

    I know he was going to jail some time

  • sydsouth

    *Really!?* =D

  • sydsouth

    * Celebuzz I thank you for all the info and pictures you produce for us admiring fans but.....please stop calling Taylor(my fantasy lover), a beef cake. Call him Mr. Lautner, it's only appropriate for his new man-status!* =} I love any old , and up and coming movies with him or just a freeze frame of him in it. Hell, his toe even!!! je ne se pas!

  • april

    OMG that scared me. I love taylor! he is a great actor and i totally want to see this anything with him has to look good :)

  • Michelle

    I just love Taylor Lautner! He is just so dreamy and very handsome! I would watch any movie with him in it as long as he gets to take off his shirt!

  • guest

    i heard Hugh Jackman is also on board as a producer

  • johnanna rufus
    johnanna rufus

    omg. I would watch that. But idk if my husband would. Does taylor have his shirt off anytime. I just love him he is great. I want to see it.

  • casey -taylor xx
    casey -taylor xx

    i adore taylor lautner!!! he is my favorite actor he really inspires me i would love to meet him i would do absolutley anything 2 meet him lol so then he could meet a real girl instead of all the air heads he's dated :@ :) x x x x


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