Marisa Miller Strips Down For Charity

Marisa Miller Strips Down For Charity-photo
Celebrities getting naked for a good cause: It's not just for PETA anymore.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and Victoria's Secret beauty Marisa Miller takes it all off for Mac Jacobs' skin-cancer awareness campaign Protect the Skin You're In, posing in the buff for an image that will appear on T-shirts that will soon be on sale at Marc Jacobs boutiques. All proceeds from the sales will go to the NYU Cancer Institute.

Would you wear a naked Marisa Miller on your chest to combat breast cancer? Share with us in the comments section.



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  • tom

    So let's see- a woman who has become famous and rich as an SI swimsuit model, spending hours in the sun and selling the deep tan as a symbol of beauty, is now worrying about skin cancer. Hmmmm.