Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hollywood-Bound?

Harry Potter may entertain millions with his coming-of-age heroics, but his greatest spell is and always has been making it rain money.

Since its opening June 18, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park has proven to be a smash-hit for Universal's Islands of Adventure in Orlando, so much so that Universal Studios Hollywood reportedly wants a piece of that action. 

Indeed, the park's third quarter numbers were staggering. 3.7 million people visited in that time, up a cool million from a year ago, but the real number Hollywood's crew must be fantasizing over is Orlando's net profit, which nearly tripled, from $37 million to $97 million.

Screamscape, an insider site for theme park news, writes:  

The runaway success of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida has many Hollywood execs convinced that getting their own version of the Potterverse in Hollywood would be akin to finding the Holy Grail. Normally the big question for Universal Hollywood is trying to determine just where they could put it, given their extreme lack of space. However, with the huge profit margins on record for the Florida version, the question isn’t so much where to put it, but rather what to demolish to make room for it. With those kinds of numbers, I’m told that Universal is ready to put nearly anything and everything under the wrecking ball to make it happen in California.

How badly do you want a Wizarding World of Harry Potter in California? Let us know in the comments section. 



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  • Robb

    I would LOVE IT if they brought a WWoHP to California!!!! I can't afford to go to Orlando and would definitely buy an AP if it were out in Cali!

  • californiachic

    i think they should demolish the golfing area right next to the universal studios hollywood studio where the escalators are, and have an escalator going down to the harry potter world, but i think they should demolish the glofing area for the harry potter world. that would be nice, and its really not fair that it is in Florida, some families cant afford to go to Florida even when they are about to loose their jobs like my family. i hope it come here in Hollywood it would be nice.

  • Heather

    I would buy a season pass if they opened in Los Angeles...and I live in San Francisco

  • kimberley

    there going to make a hp world out of the old set in england, y not just have 1 in ca to

  • Chloe

    Living in England, and doing my GCSE's I never thought I would get to go. But I went in October/November and it was the better than I ever expected. However, i do think they shouldn't move it unless they do it soon, first because I'm going to California in 2012 ;p and if not then you coud never beat the original!!! x

  • Eveline

    Should come to England instead.. Closer for me. HP is British anyway. Just imagine walking there and some bloke with a southern accent walks up to you. Not really right.

  • Annie

    Please Come to California that would be amazing!

  • patty.

    seems like you have a problem with gays & lesbians

  • Welma

    Harry potter is better than twilight Twilight CAst is full gay and Lesbian