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  • rebecca gonzalez
    rebecca gonzalez

    downnn ass shyttt!!!me N Miley Shouldd Hangg Out Sometimee That Shyt Is Fknn Dope!....iLike Mileyy Now!

  • ProBooker

    Haha im 18 and me or my friends have never even thought about you smoking and stuff like that ....Miley is just a Bitch who needs some serious talking to ..God its like this girl has no brain! .. I mean if she wants attention or is simply just trying to state the fact that she is not hannah montana anymore She could do it in a classy way instead of flashing of her boobs everywhere ! People only do these kind of things because either their mom is a nutcrack or they are genuine bitches ! SHE CAN DIE AND SHE CAN TAKE HER SLUTTY ATTITUDE WITH HER ! *p.s :: I was a fan untill today *

  • lusciousbecky213

    ohh and juzz one lastt thinggg......howw downn wass that shyttt mileyy???ehtss bomb yeww guys should tryy ehhtt!

  • lusciousbecky213

    She's youngg she's gonna do some stuff that you guys might not like..i mean what teenager doesnt try ehttt at one point..She didnt live to please you guys!!!&& juz cuz shes famous ehtss a bigg deal! watever you mothers or old ladys keep on going about how bad this is well why dont you juz shutuppp and have a glass of wine and think about what stupid stuff yew did when you were younger!

  • Roidz

    toke it up!

  • giselle

    She's turning into Britney Spears. What a disappointment..

  • lshart10

    Maybe it is just me but it is honestly not a big deal at all. It's Salvia. I could understand if it was marijuana an illegal substance in the U.S. but Salvia, is a ten minute high. Not much to freak out about. (:

  • bevzsostupid

    so [retty

  • 420

    she didnt even clear it

  • tee32569

    Let her grow up! She needs to experience life for herself. Putting her on a self with the Logan girl is really unfair. What she needs to learn is who her friends are....

  • bl ue
    bl ue

    looking fly

  • Trisha

    Miley in better times... so beautiful...

  • terri

    so sad

  • lilkev883

    smoke that shyt girl get high go 2 clowd 9

  • Jun Guang
    Jun Guang

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  • lizbizz11

    MMMMM...soo sexy