Johnny Depp Saves Young Fan From the Paparazzi

Johnny Depp’s love of children apparently extends beyond paying surprise visits to their classrooms while in character.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star reportedly came to the aid of a young female fan while in New York to appear on Late Show With David Letterman last week, after paparazzi roughed her up while trying to snap Depp’s picture.
According to reports, photographers shoved the young girl aside in order to get a better shot of the the 47-year-old actor, at which point he stepped in to shield the fan from the intrusive photogs—and to offer a few choice, angry words to the offending shutterbugs:

“A little girl began crying when she was shoved out of the way, but Johnny made his way through the crowd to put a protective arm around her. He chewed out the photographers and after making sure the girl was all right, Depp, who has an 11-year-old daughter, posed for a photograph with her. Once everything was smoothed out, he went back to signing autographs for the other fans and posing for pictures for both fans and paparazzi alike.”

Depp was appearing on Letterman’s late-night show to promote his new movie with Angelina Jolie, The Tourist.