Miley Cyrus’ Bong Video: Was There a Cover-up?

The smoke has yet to clear for Miley Cyrus in her recent drug scandal.

TMZ reports that the “Can’t Be Tamed” singer’s team was aware of the video of Cyrus smoking legal hallucinogen salvia before it leaked onto the Internet last week, and attempted to obtain all copies of the video in a botched cover-up plan.

A source tells the Web site that a college student who obtained the video contacted a rep for Cyrus shortly after Thanksgiving. After asking if the rep wanted his copy of the tape, the two discussed possible monetary payment in exchange for the video.

The payoff didn’t occur, but sources claim that Cyrus’ camp sent a man in his 40s to the student’s San Luis Obispo, California-area campus to swap the student’s MacBook Pro that contained the video with a new MacBook Pro.

What’s more, Team Miley reportedly did a similar swap with another student who also had a copy of the video. Unfortunately for Miley, her operatives weren’t able to snap up all of the copies before one of them leaked to the Internet.

In the video, which was reportedly filmed just days after Cyrus’ 18th birthday on November 23, the singer is seen smoking what sources claim is salvia from a bong, then launching into a giggling fit and complaining that she’s having “a bad trip.”

Do you think Miley will be able to weather the storm over her salvia use? What can she do to restore her reputation? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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