Play Reindeer Games with the Gap — and Get Big Discounts!

Sponsored Post: Now this is some Christmas cheer!

Starting December 15, the elves at the Gap have teamed up with eight reindeer — yes, eight REAL reindeer! — to bring you unbelievable holiday deals and discounts. 

So how does this work? The deer decides the deals! Each reindeer has been assigned a special holiday deal. Each day, a new deal will be offered to Gap shoppers based on Gap reindeer behaviors such as speed and distance. These reindeer have been fitted with custom-built GPS collars that monitor their whereabouts as they race to the North Pole. Each day, a challenge will be issued. Depending on which reindeer has moved the furthest, fastest, slowest, closest to the North Pole, it will trigger a new deal in store for the next day.

So how can you participate and take advantage of great Gap savings? Cheer on a specific reindeer by heading to Twitter! Fans can give their deer (and deal!) a boost by tweeting for them.

For more information, check out Project Reindeer’s Facebook page. Then starting December 15th you can start playing those reindeer games!