The Best TV Moments of 2010

Now that most shows are comfortably enjoying their holiday break, it’s time to reflect on some of its greatest television moments from 2010. Celebuzz has gathered a collection of the year’s finest clips that run the gamut of emotions: Funny and sad, thrilling and soothing, redeeming and damning, heartwarming and heartwrenching. Such was the year, and there was no shortage of amazing moments on the tube to choose from, and here’s our faves:

1) Lost Series Finale: It was an event six years in the making, and while some found the ending infuriating, you can’t say it wasn’t worth watching. Watch Matthew Fox discuss whether he thought all of the mysteries were resolved or not in that final episode.

2) Betty White on SNL: This Golden Girl proved that you can never be too old for comedy when she hosted SNL last May following a massive Facebook push to get her on the show.

3) Conan O’Brien’s debut on TBS: After being cut from The Tonight Show, O’Brien found himself without a show. That is, until he made his big, viral comeback on cable.

4) Tom Cruise’s performance at the MTV Movie Awards: Speaking of comebacks, the actor who’s had some trouble in the public image area of late turned things around when he revived Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder for a hysterical performance. Word is it even got himself an entire Grossman-based movie.

5) Britney Spears guest stars on Glee: How can you dedicate a show to one of the world’s biggest pop stars without at least giving her a few lines? The “Stronger” songstress dawned her old cheerleading outfit to make an appearance, and maaaan Heather Morris can dance!

6) Larry King interviews Lady Gaga: In a clash of generations, there’s bound to be some tension due to misunderstanding. Watch the Mother Monster answer questions while dressed strangely similar to her interviewer. In terms of awkward awesomeness, this takes the cake … and kudos to Larry for hanging in like a pro.

7) The Hills Series Finale: So, was it all fake or not? The final scene left many viewers questioning the legitimacy of Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, the deplorable Spencer Pratt, and the rest of the well-to-do gang. As far as finales go, though, it delivered on all fronts.

8) Amazing Race contestant hit with a watermelon: Not all great moments on television are serious moments. Here, one hapless participant breaks a watermelon with her face. After the incident, however, she’s gently reminded that “They don’t call it the Amazing Race for nothing.” Amazing, indeed.

9) Simon Cowell says farewell to American Idol: After simultaneously lowering the self-esteem of several while entertaining millions, Mr. Cowell decided it was time to end his reign as television’s harshest critic. In the end, it turns out he made some friends along the way. We’ll miss you, you cranky SOB.

10) Jimmy Fallon Glee’s up the Emmys: What a beginning! Singing, dancing, cameos, and even a joke about Kate Gosselin’s subpar performance on Dancing With The Stars.

11) Tiger Woods apologizes: It doesn’t matter if you were a fan of golf or not. The nation tuned in to see how this husband and father and business mogul would deal with his many acts of infidelity.

What did we miss? Leave your favorite moments in the comments!