Tom Cruise Looking Beefy on 'Mission Impossible 4' Set (PHOTOS)

Your mission should you choose to accept it: don't get old.

Tom Cruise was photographed looking pumped on the Mission Impossible 4 set while killing time in Vancouver on Monday. The 48-year-old action star and father appeared unchanged by the sands of time in his white tanktop and with the same shaggy haircut his character Ethan Hunt sported 10 years ago in Mission Impossible 2.

Check out Tom Cruise being buff on the set of M.I.4, and tell us what you think of him in the comments section.



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  • Jesse Paulsen
    Jesse Paulsen

    Yeah, well, he still shits like the rest of us. I bet those logs of his come out mighty loose and rank what with all those protein shakes he must be gulpin' down.

  • ogulblitz

    wow he looks really good...I'm surprised.

  • B'Nice

    Well he's the best looking 48 year old man I've ever seen!! Good luck with the new MI:4 Tom :)

  • Linda Hagan Kvanbeck
    Linda Hagan Kvanbeck

    Good to see Tom is looking buff! Bet he could do a good job on the end of an apple picker.