Usher Gets Kicked By a Fan (VIDEO)

Usher Gets Kicked By a Fan (VIDEO)-photo
Usher's fans sure have an odd way of showing their appreciation.

The Here I Stand singer was performing at Madison Square Garden in New York on Monday night when he pulled one lucky female admirer up onstage for an intimate performance of "Trading Places." Unfortunately, when the fan turned around to get face-to-face with the R&B crooner, things began to resemble a karate class more than a concert.

Watch Usher get his kicks in the video below (fast-forward to the 5:23 mark to see the foot-to-head goodness):



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  • casandra

    WTF was she tryna f*ck him up or what ?! Thats why u shoeldn't let a *** come close to u quzz they turn into animals! And specially not fat biyches lik her! oxo

  • Yana2140

    HAHAHAHAHAH I've seen a lot here on celebuzz.. BUT THIS WAS THE BEST HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! can't stop laughing hahahahahahahahaaha

  • kopns

    haha regardless of how embarrassing it was, what he said would totally make it worth it for me. lol he laughed it off, and she got to touch all over him, so she still won in the end.