Who Should Be Cast in the Two ‘Snow White’ Remakes?

Could fairy-tale remakes be the next big thing in Hollywood, as superhero movies were for the last decade? If recently reported plans for two separate movies based off Snow White are any indication, some film industry execs might think so.

Two projects, one by Universal Pictures and one by Relativity Media, are underway that will showcase differing interpretations of the Snow White tale. Snow White and the Huntsman by Universal is courting Charlize Theron to be its Evil Queen, while at the time time, The Brothers Grimm: Snow White by Relativity Media has its eye on Julia Roberts to play the apple poisoner.

Reportedly, the latter adaptation is also being circled by Natalie Portman, who wants to play an “edgy” version of the main role, perhaps in an attempt to do to the fable what Black Swan did to ballet.

As to what may have jump-started Hollywood’s sudden interest in fantasy children’s tales, look no further than last March’s Alice in Wonderland, which shocked analysts by raking in over a billion dollars globally at the box office.

Earlier this year, Selena Gomez was our pick to play Snow White should a remake ever arise, so she gets Celebuzz’s vote. But who do you think should portray the Evil Queen—Theron or Roberts? Vote in our poll!