Golden Globes 2010 Battle: Emma Stone vs. Angelina Jolie

Emma Stone and Angelina Jolie couldn’t be more different, but the two talented thespians are preparing for a fierce battle at the upcoming Golden Globes, where they are both nominated for a Best Actress award. Who will win: Emma the ingenue or Angie, the femme fatale? Celebuzz crafted a guide to the two actresses to help you guess who might walk  home with some hardware.

Emma Stone

Why She Has a Chance: The 22-year-old actress was nominated for her breakout role in Easy A, but she has been charming audiences for several years thanks to hits like Zombieland and Superbad. She’s shown that she has a real talent for comedy and since she is nominated for the “Comedy or Musical” category, she has a pretty good chance of getting an award.

Why She Might Not Win: While she is clearly talented, Emma is still very young and has had a relatively short career compared to the other Best Actress nominees.

Watch Emma in Easy A below.

Angelina Jolie

Why She Has a Chance: Even though The Tourist just hit theaters, Angie has already proven herself as a true force in Hollywood and she already has an Oscar (and two Golden Globes) under her belt. There’s no denying that Angelina is a great actress and one of the top celebrities in Hollywood. Even Emma said it was “surreal” to be nominated alongside the A-lister.

Why She Might Not Win: Angie has won her mostly for her work in serious dramas, not a caper like The Tourist. Even Angie said she was “laughing” when she found out about her nomination since she had never been considered for the Comedy category.

Watch Angie in The Tourist below.

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