Justin Bieber: The Haters (PHOTOS)

As legendary as Justin Bieber's meteoric rise to fame may be, the 16-year-old Canadian seems to have a big number of haters in addition to his millions of fans.

For whatever reason, Justin has become a target for many, especially on the Internet. Celebs have boldly (and proudly) declared to never have heard his songs. Hackers have built scripts to ban his name from your sight forever. Either way, Justin is succeeding like few before in the music business despite his growing numbers of haters.

Click here to see Justin Bieber's biggest badmouthers, and let us know what you think of them in the comments section.



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  • leah

    Justin Beiber thinks he's cool, but he's actually very stupid. He flips his hair, he sings like a girl, and he is ugly. Selena might ACT like she's just joking about Justin being a dork, but did you hear her on YouTube, answering fan questions? Someone asked if she was going out with Justin, and she laughed like it wasn't just crazy and ridiculous , but disgusting, too. I'm sure she pretends to like him because she has to, but she knows that he is a loser.

  • Angelica Ann Turgeon
    Angelica Ann Turgeon

    haa, thats just mean

  • Angelica Ann Turgeon
    Angelica Ann Turgeon

    I dont really like her.

  • jenna

    shes a poser but at least she admits she hates justin bieber. I'll give her points for that.

  • Pumpkin

    4chan are a kids cartoon network. The most well known character is a bear that really loves children, he even gives them candy.

  • Pumpkin

    I didn't know who Justin Bieber was for the longest time because I don't listen to shite music. I'm not old.

  • Pumpkin

    Who cares what she is wearing? Okay she doesn't have an orange spray tan and an obnoxious yellow sack dress but it doesn't mean she's pretending to be less boring than you. So calm down. In other photos it mostly looks like she's going for Blondie's look. Though that is completely irrelevant to what she said. She isn't even hating on Bieber so you can put your dummy back in and stop crying kids.

  • Laura Seery
    Laura Seery

    LOLOL. If it was just a t-shirt, why the hell did he say 'ow!'? What a pussy.

  • sellyG

    although it is true that when you have a talent which comes from God , you should use it to praise HIM. maybe God hasn't called him yet to serve Him. "He refuses to do that because he knows his concert halls would be empty!" - that is true however, it's badly outspoken people like him that make us Christians look bad.

  • sellyG

    ever heard of jokes among friends celebuzz?

  • sellyG

    exactly, her denial of justin bieber is not a huge sin because he is only human- just like her

  • playa1

    Playa1 says: Who the hell is this wierd chick?! Even I know who Bieber is. C'mon, she know him. Who the hell listens to the Beatles and Led Zep...Well I listen to Led Zep, BUT at her age. I bet she doesn't know ONE song!!! LMAO. Act ur age girlie!!! Playa1 has spoken!!

  • Hanna

    This is too bias towards bieber.

  • cutie

    Give me a break. No ones angry at her but she is trying to at cool. Like just mentioning bands like "oh i listen to them" she is trying to show off. And yeah there both better then Juistin Bieber obviously anything is better then JUstin Bieber but...she makes ehrself look goth and like a badass..so you think I dont know she would like something a little more Goth and badass then the beatles and Led Zepplin. Your musial taste reflects on your personality a lot and that kind of proves shes a little fake. Shes probably really not as hardore as she dresses.

  • adriana

    I like her but she sounds stupid. Usually you listen to the same musi you make? So who makes pop and then doent listen to "that type of music". THats just stupid.

  • alexa

    Oh my god I at believe they think that he "teahes people to rise up against god and his commandements" hahaha wow they obviously no nothing. Then what are other singers who are worse the devil or worse.........

  • Rica Mifsud Grech
    Rica Mifsud Grech

    hi by

  • tessa;

    woooooooooah look what the cat drugg up , whats with darknesssss ?

  • tessa;

    Yo she almost looks innocent here . haaaah. nut looks can be decieving.

  • ivony8520

    hey all u haters out there by hating him ur making him even more famous.think about it there are so many comments on anything tht he does whether they r good comment or bad comments its still comments and tht gets everyones attention. and im not a belieber im just someone who likes his music a normal amount

  • ivony8520

    it was a joke, genius yeah exactly and it was funny too haha glass doors gone rogue :P

  • ivony8520

    hahahaha dont get me wrong i like both daniel and justin bt tht was rly funny and come on none of the beliebers will admit it bt everyone who heard him 4 the first time thought he was a girl

  • ivony8520

    How do you know? Did YOU throw it? hahahahahaaaaaa u mademe lauugh hahhaa : how do u know did uuu throw it? haahaa aweosme dude ;)

  • ivony8520

    who the hell r 4chan?

  • ivony8520

    oh come on!!! just because she said tht shes not necessarily a fan does NOT make her a hater!

  • ivony8520

    omg tht is jst a load of crap 4 gods sake hes got a song called PRAY thts is christianic well i mean all religions use it.so whats that pope on about?

  • ivony8520

    omg tht is jst a load of crap 4 gods sake hes got a song called PRAY thts is christianic well i mean all religions use it.so whats that pope on about?

  • celestine

    OVERMAKE UP as always really can't be pretty without make up on. Yuuucks! NOT a natural beauty only a natural bitch! ZERO class.

  • Noni

    we didn't search him up, we're looking at the people who hate him. I think the fans are one of the reasons i hate him - they think they know everything and that they so good I mean seriously guys get over yourself. Justin Bieber looks and sings like a girl - face the facts :) Happy New Year :)

  • Noni

    glass doors are "hating on" Bieber? Riiight.... Could somebody please explain to me how inanimate objects can "hate" anybody? it was a joke, genius

  • Zoeyyyy (:
    Zoeyyyy (:

    @krisi hah back off?!? We do all this for a reason. hes dumb and gay and since there are so many blind ppl who dont notice that, we have to help them realise the truth. but unfortunately some ppl are harder to convince than others like urself. you can just go suck one your an idiot if you dont like justin why in the hell do you look at photos of him on here you just wanna start sh*tt obviouslyy this is the 66th photo in and your gonna deny that you dont look him up ? thats bullsh*tt ! get a life .... :p

  • Zoeyy

    she denies everyone who is more popular than her. not a fan of biebs or cyrus, or whatever, but she's so fake. totally agree with Beevie: how come "I don't listen to that kind of music" when you're singing the same sh*t yeahhh .

  • Zoeyy(:

    You really can't take what these hardcore Christians say seriously. That's like being angry that a barnyard animal criticized Justin Beiber. What I'm trying to say is....bible thumpers are all idiots and I stand by that statement. Haha go jenn !!! (:

  • biki

    i know like daniel radcliffe

  • biki

    he thinks he is soo cool

  • biki

    justin bieber sucks but i don't wanna be mean cuzz it is christmas

  • biki


  • Bethanie

    SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL CELEBUZZ IS JUST TRYING TO START SH!T she never said she HATED him she just doesn't like his music is that so bad? GOSH WHAT A CRIME, BTW they're friends, she is in never say never movie and whatnot... honestly Beever fans, calm down, not everyone has to kiss his ass You just made my day! Even though I don't like Miley Cyrus...not everyone has the same taste in music.

  • Joanna

    I would just like to take the time to say that I am not a "hater" of Justin Bieber. Sure, he's living a life that has flashy, ritzy, money-infested things, but that doesn't mean I want that type of lifestyle. I am completely happy with my normal life, knowing that: my friends are the real thing, my haters don't post rude things about me on the internet for the world to see, and the people that admire me won't turn away for someone else, a couple of years from now. Yes, Justin Bieber is now a big name in the tinsel-town of Hollywood and across the nation (can't say the world because apparently he's not known in Europe and Africa, and isn't really liked in Asia), but like many others before him...he won't have as many fans as he did when he first came out, years from now. Now, I'm not disrespecting the guy, but you can't call me a hater just because I don't like him. It's not like I called him a "fag" or "dickhead" or anything. It's my opinion: I don't think he's as talented as he is being made out to be...but I do think he has a good heart, and THAT is what's going to take him a long way (and the fact that I'm hoping he will progress and become a bit more humble) but until then, I can't say that I'm a fan of him.

  • bigrob

    ohh yeah.... this silly little tramp is just so cool herself. who the hell is she anyway? not that im a bieber fan but someone should tell this ugly skank pretending that you listen to classikc rock doesnt make you more credible. zeplin & beetles suck as well. hey skank.... 1994 called, they want their look back. also, you didnt discover "the nightmare before christmas" you only copied a style thats long gone. you probably think claiming to do heroin is cool too

  • oxoxxoyyyxox

    @krisi hah back off?!? We do all this for a reason. hes dumb and gay and since there are so many blind ppl who dont notice that, we have to help them realise the truth. but unfortunately some ppl are harder to convince than others like urself.

  • xoxxoxyyy

    omg! where can i download that add-on?

  • xoxoxoxyyy

    i wish he did get hit with it even tho its rude.

  • xoxoxoxyy

    god. why is everyone getting mad at taylor? ur just mad because she doesnt listen to a gay lamo named j. bieber. dorkus'. get a life would ya? .

  • iggy

    wow you guys are ignorant, first shes not comparing him to jesus, second just because she listens to the beatles or led zeplin doesnt mean shes trying to act 'cool', and third just because she doesnt know JB doesnt give you a reason to come to conclusions

  • andorra

    It's actually sad 'cause Ozzy will live longer than Bieber...

  • Mariana

    We'll match it can

  • Val

    So false.

  • nuttycharis16

    lmao................glass doors hate! dts so silly

  • charis

    jeez.....dts kinda harsh 4 d fact he has won an award taylor shud knw him @ least 4 dt oda than dt.....talkin bout his songs she might nt knw him....nd dnt dare compare justin 2 jesus dts just silly....really silly

  • Doyle Lively
    Doyle Lively

    this is just stupid...

  • Doyle Lively
    Doyle Lively

    lmaoo "is it big in england yet" nope..lmao..wat to go Dan...hehe

  • sssss

    lmaoo "is it big in england yet"

  • Misslala

    This made me seriously LOL. And what's to say that Justin isn't doing just that? Justin is always talking about his faith and God, even when it's not "popular" to do it. If anything he's doing more to invitingly share his faith with the world than these "people" who public condemn practically everyone. All those "Christians" only see Justin through narrow rose colored lenses. They make me feel ashamed to call them my brothers and sister in Christ--Jesus certainly has a bad PR team at times.

  • Tray

    f*ck them BIeber is a legend

  • WhatTheHellIsWrongWithYou???

    omg,you are sooo (i won't say stupid)...!Miley sings pop because she is in disney and they prefer pop -.-' .Miley listens to rock music but sings pop and stop mocking her because she hasn't done anything too you.everybody has their own opinion,i agree,but if you don't like her,move a picture on someone you do like!i don't like bieber so i don't look at him/comment on pictures of him.jesus -.-'''''''''''''

  • krisi

    U ppl r u just jelouse cuz honestly u ppl have no life if ur gana search him on the internet and leave a rude comment on things its just a waste of time and u no good,stupid,jelouse,immature,dumb,haterz can just SUCK IT!!! becuase no matter how much u hate its not gana make a difference he is famouse and ppl like him... unlike u low life scums! GET A FRICKEN LIFE GOSH PPL!! I Love Justin Bieber and support him al the way and haterz just back off!

  • krisi

    I love Justin Bieber but even i have to admit this was kinda funny and the cool thing was that he could just laugh it off (: if i was HIM i would of been so imbarresed but that just me lol I Love U Justin Bieber!

  • krisi

    It wasnt a fricken bottle ppl it was a shirt that said I Love u Justin Bieber on it and had sour patch kids wrapped up in it and he even said it wus that soo ppl get the story strate!!!

  • krisi

    thats not really a dis thats just saying thats not her kinda of music and ya dosent she sing pop so how could u sing something u dont listen to? i meen come on

  • krisi

    OMG this guy has seriouse isues i meen come on he dose say stuff about god and he says thank u to him for everything and ppl no he is a christian so wut ever dude!

  • krisi

    OMG u guys really ask these old ppl who no nothing about the new ppl this guy is like 100 years old gosh and who dosent now who justin bieber is i meen serieously!

  • melissa

    lol i love him even more now

  • fake

    hahahaha she is kind of a fake like she acts like shes so hardcore but the beatles arent hardcore and led zepplin really isnt either that kind of proves that shes a wannabe i can think of a bunch of bands that are cooler then they are

  • hahahahah

    okay that made me crack up. justin bieber is so the opposite seriously i wonder what that guy would do if he heard other stuff hahahah

  • Jocy

    That's so sad. I'm not one of his biggest fans. But, still that's just rude. -___-

  • rick pliske
    rick pliske

    the little girl sings about love and his hymen is still intact, i heard a public service announcment from justine today about adopting from a shelter what does he she know abut that? he better ask his mommy first. unreal that the lil puke is famious

  • Kari

    it was sour patch kids wrapped in a tshirt not a water bottle. and the reason i know this is because justin commented on the video himself.

  • OzeraHatter

    Oooookay. I may not give a damn about the kid Beiber but the preacher man needs to take his bull sh*t and shove it up his ass.

  • gothicbabe

    i agree,and for heer to change her personailty so quickly when she just would sing for kids

  • ParisP101


  • lill

    RTL- Hessen?? good that it wasn´t shown here!!

  • Jade Sophie Chadwick
    Jade Sophie Chadwick

    oh yea im so totally cool cos i listen to led zeplin and the beatles - is like shes showing off tht she listens to cool bands

  • Amanda

    What the hell is this about? LOL!

  • Brittany

    Guys, come on! You can't be mean to Taylor as she said she didn't 'dis' Justin she just doesn't know who he is and listen's to better music like The Beatles

  • Julia Hunt
    Julia Hunt

    glass doors are "hating on" Bieber? Riiight.... Could somebody please explain to me how inanimate objects can "hate" anybody? I know, right?!

  • Phoebe

    SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL CELEBUZZ IS JUST TRYING TO START SH!T she never said she HATED him she just doesn't like his music is that so bad? GOSH WHAT A CRIME, BTW they're friends, she is in never say never movie and whatnot... honestly Beever fans, calm down, not everyone has to kiss his ass

  • Julia Hunt
    Julia Hunt

    it was a bottle of water. There are youtube videos showing it.

  • Julia Hunt
    Julia Hunt

    Whoever is writing these captions on Celebuzz is pissing me off.

  • Julia Hunt
    Julia Hunt

    Why are you comparing Jesus to Justin Bieber? That's just ridiculous.

  • jade

    thats a lie

  • jade

    ok....and we dont know u

  • F

    She just don't LISTEN pop music, that doesn't mean she can't SING it. She only said about Justin that's doesn't LISTEN to his music that doesn't mean there are not friends!

  • shaz

    Ughhh i hate her more than paris hilton .I think taylor momsen is sooo much better than her....atleast taylor is not a hippocrite....she really dosent listen to all these pop music .But miley is just a Diva and a fake ....and a Attention seeker.

  • mary-anne!

    wow, this just made my day (: way to go dan! I agree! :D

  • fsers3

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  • xlardyarsex

    so she doesnt make the same music as him? she didnt go to dinner with him? she didnt perform with him? is it because your fans have now become beliebers miley????

  • keeogoingstrong

    It's strange for someoon to dedicate so much time to hating someone when clearly ur hatred is just as much of an obsession as you claim his fans to have for him...rethink..don't hate..u heaping curses onto urself..nd the biggest talkers are always the small ppl behind the keyboard..where no one can find them...this boy is living a dream...My prayers go out to him to stya grounded in this time of frenzy..as for u kevin..God forgive you for discriminating against someone you don't even know.

  • ummm

    With respect to Bieber, haters only increase the strength of his fans whilst simultaneously inviting malice into their own lives from all their negative energy and shredding chances God (or the universe for non-Christians) has to effect change in their lives. He's a 16 year old boy living a dream and is an inspiration to even 18 year olds like me to achieve anything. If sometimes he has an attitude it comes with the fame and the teenage years ppl. If you don't like his music don't listen to it..simple...but there's no need to constantly trash him. What has he done wrong...his voice too high for u? how is that a hate-worthy crime..reexamine urselves haters....

  • via

    well im a christian and i just want to say miley is not a real christian so please dont think thats how we are remember anyone can say they are but its thru our actions that we prove it! real christains dont behave like that...i surly do not.

  • kevin

    This dude could not hold a note in a bucket . And get a hair cut.

  • Me

    It's wassent a bottl of water --' its was a towel with candy & a letter in it ! How do you know? Did YOU throw it?

  • yomama

    [quote=Katerina Biliouri]what???? r u kidding me?? if they were teens they would see what bieber means to us. he gives us hope and teach us to care abt the others! how come did they think abt that? its exactly the opposite u right..

  • dafish11

    uhh i saw a pic with them talking and walking together. and yep she does deny any body else that is starting to become more famous than her. shes self centered

  • tori

    she said that in a friendly way you celebuzz jerk person I know!! She says hes like her little bro

  • dafish11

    i only know her cuz shes a slut trying to act older and badass when shes really not.

  • ana

    didn't she perform whith him once???