‘Tourist,’ ‘Burlesque’ Globe Nods Are ‘Hideous,’ Per Awards Pro

Most film fans didn’t bat an eyelash when The Social Network and Black Swan were read over and over again at the Golden Globes nomination announcement on Tuesday, but a few other surprise nominees did raise an eyebrow or two – namely the glitzy musical Burlesque and the action-thriller The Tourist.

Far be it from Celebuzz to deny the entertainment value of either film, or the hotness of their stars, including Burlesque’s Christina Aguilera or The Tourist duo Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. But the lack of awards buzz – or big box office profit – for either film sparked a reaction from awards pro Robert Licuria, Senior Editor at trophy-tracking website Goldderby.com.

In a word, he calls nods for those films “hideous.”

“The mentions for those two films are the best example of how [the Golden Globes] tend to be in awe of the big celebrities, and are sometimes perceived to be driven by who they can invite to the party in January,” Licuria told Celebuzz.

Even Angelina herself admitted she had a chuckle when she and Johnny learned of their nods while promoting The Tourist with in Berlin, telling The Associated Press they “were laughing because it’s the first time that I’ve been in the comedic category so it’s new for me.”

(She was previously nominated for more hard-hitting roles in A Mighty Heart and Girl Interrupted.)

Still, the friendly nod might mean that Angie and Brad (not to mention Johnny, Christina and the ageless, bodacious Cher) will strut the red carpet and boost ratings when the Globes telecast airs on January 16.

That’s what the Globes organizers are hoping, says Licuria, who describes the more surprising nominations as “good for revenue” and “good for ratings.” Still, he concedes the Globes “got a lot right” in this year’s crop of nominations, including recognition for Black Swan’s Mila Kunis, Blue Valentine’s Ryan Gosling and AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Dead.

What do you think about the Globes nods – what did they get right or wrong? Sound off in the comments and check out Celebuzz’s photo gallery of 20 Golden Globes Snubs and Surprises.