Adam Lambert Pleads for ‘Change’ in Concert (VIDEO)

Adam Lambert’s concert at Los Angeles’ The Music Box on Wednesday got pretty deep for a second.

The “Whataya Want From Me” singer took time out from his show to lay some knowledge on his audience prior to performing the classic “A Change Is Gonna Come.” Lambert said of the tune,

“The thing about the song is, it’s amazing that it was originally intended for civil rights, and ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t noticed, the gay and lesbian community us in a civil-rights movement right now.”

The openly gay singer then detailed the discrimination he encountered early in his career because of his penchant for makeup, then recounted his recent career success, before delivering a heartfelt, if vulgar, message to the crowd:

“The only reason I bring that up is, if anybody tells you ‘No,’ tell them, ‘F**k you.'”

Check out Lambert’s inspirational performance (WARNING: NSFW language) below: