Cosmopolitan Hotel Opens in Las Vegas

Candace Abbot: Rather than spend time in a crowded mall searching for the perfect present, I skipped town and headed to Las Vegas for the grand opening of The Cosmopolitan hotel–with my Windows 7 Phone, naturally.

A host of alluring ads (see below) and some significant buzz had been fueling the waves prior to my arrival, so I was eager to view the digs. But what I saw as I was escorted into the lobby was nothing short of breathtaking. It seemed as though I was tossed into a dream sequence, to float amidst oversized pillars flashing images of nude bodies, flora and fauna, and delicate snowfall. This, of course, all happened after being provided with a flute full of bubbly.

The pre-party energy radiated throughout the building, from the luscious platinum-dipped Vesper bar, through the untouched slot machines and card tables, into the Book & Stage lounge bar, past Las Vegas’ largest nightclub Marquee, around the celebrated Chandelier Bar (comprised of 2 million glittering crystals), up to the restaurants and out to the tiered Blvd Pool, where Brandon Flowers rehearsed for the evenings festivities. A few sips of the signature Violet Femme — a mix of elderflower and gin — a few snaps with my Windows Phone and I sauntered up to my room. But not without whipping out my phone (again) to Tweet about how smitten I was with the place. A twist of the shiny knob and we were in. I’d be lying if the angels didn’t sing. A delicious suite, outfitted in rich linens, decadent lighting and charming details were all before me. It was no surprise that I kept mouthing, “Can’t I just live here?!”

Thirty minutes later I was into a bright red frock (how Vegas of me), donning a bit of faux bling and trying a gummi bear laced Berry Long Island at the pink and black Bond bar. There, lively tunes filled the place. People were thrilled to be partaking in the massive party — one Las Vegas and the rest of the free world have been eagerly anticipating. Who wouldn’t want to check out a place that advertises, “Just the right amount of wrong?” We were all in awe over the dining collection — Comme Ca, STK, Scarpetta and an authentic, albeit hidden, pizzeria — all in one spot? Love.

It neared 11 PM and Brandon Flowers took to the stage. We marveled at the pool scene, complete with royal blue chaise lounges and sexy firepits; noshed on creme brulee bites; updated the Facebook status and smiled. Nothing matches the genius of Las Vegas. And nothing beats having a Windows Phone to share it with.

Check out my gallery of pics taken with my Windows Phone.

And here’s the uber-cool tv commercial for the Cosmopolitan: