Jake Gyllenhaal Buys Taylor Swift a $10K Guitar for Her Birthday

Taylor Swift has probably been spilling teardrops on her guitar once again lately. But this time they would have been tears of joy.

British newspaper The Sun reports that Swift’s new boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal, bought a six-string as a birthday present for his lady-love, who turned 21 on Monday. And it’s a very special guitar indeed, carrying a price tag of about $10,000.

The Love & Other Drugs actor, 27, reportedly bought the ax—a Gretsch guitar signed by country-music legend Chet Atkins—after Swift expressed admiration for the instrument after spying it in a high-end music store. According to a mole:

“He spent the weekend in Nashville with her and she saw the guitar in a tiny store which a lot of A-list musicians use…Taylor drooled over it so Jake went back to the shop later and bought it for her…He was originally going to buy it just as a gift but it ended up being perfect for her birthday on Monday.”

This isn’t the first extravagant gift that Gyllenhaal has lavished upon Swift; back in November, he reportedly dropped $160,000 to charter a private jet to fly her to England to join him for a romantic weekend while he promoted hi latest movie.

But this latest present has a practical aspect to it—if the pair should end up splitting, at least Swift will have a guitar nearby to write a song about their relationship with.

Do you think Jake is in danger of spoiling Taylor? And wat do you think he’ll get her for Christmas? Share with us in the comments section.