Lo Bosworth and Scott Hochstadt Break Up

Add another celebrity couple to the mile-high list of high-profile break-ups this year.

Life & Style reports that former Hills star Lauren “Lo” Bosworth has broken up with her boyfriend, Starz Lacrosse founder Scott Hochstadt. The pair began dating in 2009.

A friend of the former couple notes that the break-up had been weeks in the making:

“It happened Tuesday morning, although they’ve been talking about it for over a month now. They’re in different places in their lives, and they just hit a crossroads in their relationship.”

The friend further suggests that Hochstadt might not have been enamored with Bosworth as he was with the spotlight:

“I’m not sure if Scott was in the right relationship for the right reasons. It didn’t hurt that Lo was famous and had famous friends. I don’t know if Scott loved Lo so much as he loved the fame. Things had been bad for a while now.”

Prospects were considerably sunnier for the couple over the summer, when Bosworth wrote on her Web site, The Lo Down, that she was thrilled to move in with him:

“I’m just excited. He’s the guy, so I can’t really be happier than that!”

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