Avril Lavigne's 'What the Hell': First Listen!

Avril Lavigne's 'What the Hell': First Listen!-photo
Been dying to hear Avril Lavigne's new single "What the Hell"? Today's your lucky day!

A snippet from the new song—which Lavigne will premiere in full during her performance on Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve—has hit the Internet, giving the world a delectable taste of the full musical glory to come.

Check out the preview of the poppy, organ-inflected song below. Does Avril have another hit on her hands? Render your verdict in the comments section!



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  • Amelia

    I adore the song and I adore avril lavigne. anyone who hates it, WATCH IT GO #1. just watch. but one thing, seriously, Avril is not single. "celebuzz" has no idea what's going on with celebrities, lol. she's dating brody jenner and has been for a while.

  • lexi

    OMG!!!! its f***ing AMAZING!!!! she is my idol!!!!! love ya avril!!

  • lexuu

    i loooooooooooooove she , you must be so stupid if tou don.t like

  • dany95hm

    totally love it!!!! it's going to be a super hit on the radios, I think it's gonna be like girlfriend... with al the succes and fame... i can't wait to hear the entire song!!!!

  • kopns

    same stuff she was doing when she was 15. i was hoping that for God's sake her sound may have matured some. she's just a tool in the industry.

  • Tomi

    oh god my ears what a load of crap

  • EarsRBleedin'

    urgh... more teeny pop crap. Isn't she way too old for this?

  • Childie

    This song is sh*t. wtf! r u on about?

  • roshell

    cool... :p