Lindsay Lohan: Stalked by Sam Lutfi?

Lindsay Lohan’s mystery caller might have been identified.

TMZ reports that associates of troubled actress Lohan—who’s recently been receiving harassing phone calls and text messages while undergoing rehab treatment at the Betty Ford Center—believe that the person behind the calls is none other than Osama “Sam” Lutfi, the self-styled former manager of Britney Spears who glommed onto the singer while she was experiencing her own troubles.

Lutfi—who was slapped with a permanent restraining order last year after Spears’ father/conservator, Jamie, characterized him as “dangerous” and a “predator” during court proceedings—has reportedly been in close contact with LiLo’s father, Michael Lohan. In at least one of the messages in question, Lindsay is warned to stay away from her mother, Dina Lohan—who shares a less-than-ideal relationship with her ex-husband Michael.

For his part, Lutfi denies the new allegations, claiming that Lohan’s reps also used to rep Spears, and it’s all a big plot against him.

Meanwhile, the texts and phone calls have become so problematic that Lindsay—who’s scheduled to remain at Betty Ford until January 3—has been moved to a more secure location of the facility.