Miley Cyrus Stands By Pal Who Made Bong Video

Miley Cyrus may be on the receiving end of some pretty harsh criticism following the release of the now-infamous salvia video, but that doesn’t mean that the singer is going to turn her back on the friends who videotaped her legal drug trip.

The “Can’t Be Tamed” singer is reportedly “embarassed” by the leaked salvia video that pal Anna Oliver filmed but she isn’t letting the video ruin her friendship.

According to E! News, Anna has been hanging out with Miley on the set of her new film, So Undercover, in New Orleans. This news may come as a shock since there were multiple reports that Miley has cut off her friendship with Anna over the leaked video.

According to a source, Anna was hanging out Miley in NOLA shortly after the video hit the internet, but left the set earlier this week so that Miley can focus on her film.

Anna could use the help of her famous friend, TMZ reports that Anna has been targeted with death threats from rabid Miley fans who blame her for leaking out the video of Miley smoking. While Anna filmed the video, the gigglefest clip was allegedly stolen from the Disney star’s pal and passed around amongst a group of college students before eventually being leaked online.

The source also adds that Miley is “embarrassed” and “regretful” about the video and really committed to “trying to turn things around.” This news runs contrary to previous reports that claimed that Miley thought that the video was no big deal.

Miley has been hanging out with mom Tish Cyrus and keeping a low profile while in New Orleans. One person who isn’t hanging out with Miley on set? Her father Billy Ray Cyrus who recently apologized for Miley’s salvia video on Twitter and claimed that there was “so much beyond [his] control.”

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