Miley Cyrus Stands By Pal Who Made Bong Video

Miley Cyrus Stands By Pal Who Made Bong Video-photo
Miley Cyrus may be on the receiving end of some pretty harsh criticism following the release of the now-infamous salvia video, but that doesn't mean that the singer is going to turn her back on the friends who videotaped her legal drug trip.

The "Can't Be Tamed" singer is reportedly "embarassed" by the leaked salvia video that pal Anna Oliver filmed but she isn't letting the video ruin her friendship.

According to E! News, Anna has been hanging out with Miley on the set of her new film, So Undercover, in New Orleans. This news may come as a shock since there were multiple reports that Miley has cut off her friendship with Anna over the leaked video.

According to a source, Anna was hanging out Miley in NOLA shortly after the video hit the internet, but left the set earlier this week so that Miley can focus on her film.

Anna could use the help of her famous friend, TMZ reports that Anna has been targeted with death threats from rabid Miley fans who blame her for leaking out the video of Miley smoking. While Anna filmed the video, the gigglefest clip was allegedly stolen from the Disney star's pal and passed around amongst a group of college students before eventually being leaked online.

The source also adds that Miley is "embarrassed" and "regretful" about the video and really committed to "trying to turn things around." This news runs contrary to previous reports that claimed that Miley thought that the video was no big deal.

Miley has been hanging out with mom Tish Cyrus and keeping a low profile while in New Orleans. One person who isn't hanging out with Miley on set? Her father Billy Ray Cyrus who recently apologized for Miley's salvia video on Twitter and claimed that there was "so much beyond [his] control."

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  • jenny

    She is just a normal teenager trying out normal things! Everyday there are teenagers trying bad things and they dont get put in the head line but a star does the same normal thing and she gets talked about forever !!! I just think everyone has nothing better to do than put her name in ther mouth!!! wow!! If i were her id be goin off on those f*cken haters! She has accomplished so much at such a young age and has so much to have to live up to that no matter what she does, there will always be haters!! That has to suck to have to apologize for doin something you want to do! Miley your awsome i dont care what they say bout ya!!! Your just trying to find yourself and you will kid!! Much luv and respect :)

  • mileychs

    She's crazy. She's 18. She should be responsible for what she does. We can't say that it's too much for her because she chose this life. I think she's trying to rebel just for the sake of attention. The chick is an attention whore. I want to punch her in the left head.

  • fvfdgm1

    Miley is only 18. She is still growing up. Working for Disney as Hannah Montana was a double edged sword. It allowed her to show her talent but when people started to put her on a pedestal, you knew it wouldn't be long before she fell. However she will not got the Lindsay route nor the Brittney route. I am most disappoinjted in Billy Ray's response to this. 'Out of his control"?? Since when?He is still her father & he should have been there talking to her as a parent, not just she's 18, nothing I can do. I think some ot the things she has done recently arew related to her parents divorce. It's hard on kids, nomatter what age. I'm glad that Tish @ least went to N.O. & I'm sure she talked to Miley. Miley is in my prayers as she learnd to deal with divorce & feeling resposible.

  • Jessie

    Miley isn't sorry for what she did. She's just sorry she got caught.

  • chafu

    I do not see ANYTHING wrong with the video unless laughter has now become a crime. She is 18. She is not breaking any laws, getting into any fights, breaking down hysterically, crashing her car, robbing anyone, feeling sick, throwing up, cussing anyone out, going into rehab or any other number of unpleasant things that happen ALL THE TIME ON ALCOHOL. So please all you uptight hypocrites who want to ban Salvia, when you agree to ban alcohol as well let's talk.

  • florence

    wtf. miley is so silly for even talking about the event. you cant smoke saliva

  • horses rule bre and ally
    horses rule bre and ally

    miles u know how bad this is and that anna girl should feel ashamed plus drugs is the worst thing for a disney star to be kicked off and we know that miley can be a good person but miles health level is horrrible!!

  • Teresa

    What Miley does in private is her own business!! It is not her fault that her so called friend leaked the video. She was not in public acting that way like other young stars. Miley deserves to have a private life. She was not at work( doing an interview, at a red carpet event, photo shoot, etc.) you get my point. Miley shouldn't have to be a role model behind closed doors.

  • Ana

    Wooow i like Miley and I like her music,but now a days she doesn't set a great example for me anymore. I mean why would you even video tape smoking on a bong? Who knows. But I will always support her when it comes to her acting and singing career.

  • Steph

    umm...when the girl was video taping she was saying " im gonna document the sh!t outta this" and "i bet youre gonna sh!t a brick when you see this" she oviously had bad intentions. She was also saying things like "tell us whats on your mind, speak to me" ..obviously trying to get miley to talk and say stuff that could be used against her. mileys an IDIOT for still being friends with this girl.

  • ....

    f*ck it man its just a bond no one needs to kill no, and shes doing it for publicity like her up skirts she ,makes it happen she just don't want anyone to think shes Hannah Montana anymore she doesn't need to do that type of stuff to show people that she doesn't want to be hannah montana anymore..

  • kkkkk

    fck the haters, you go girl, love you. (:



  • Amanda

    All of the best artists, writers and musicians were constantly on drugs. What is the big deal. I feel like I need drugs to be able to listen to her music, maybe she needs drugs to justify making it.

  • li

    she's 18! still a woman child finding her way. u think this was the 1st time?! c'mon. it's that i'm 18 i'm grown, i can do what i want attitude. u dont think she knew her friend was taking pictures? give me a break. she took a draw like a champ! definitely NOT the 1st time. smokin dat kush!!

  • montreal

    it's not like teens haven't done it. i mean yes she a role model to younger kid, but she's a young adult. people make mistakes, try new things. she'll get through it.

  • Danielle Linsley
    Danielle Linsley

    i think miley needs to be commited to a mental institution.

  • mannequin

    Whatever. When an actress or actor survives on scandal, they are over. Miley is over, she has no talent. She needs to bow out gracefully and spare us all from her angst.

  • ROFL

    HAHA miley cyrus smoked salvia!!! that is tooooo funny... good for her she might as well have screamed "F**K YOU DAD!!!!! F**K YOU!!" she doesnt wanna be a disney princess

  • sydsouth

    * wow my spelling is off Today! Hahah!! *

  • sydsouth

    * I live in Arizona....So of course i'm a pothead, and support WEED. She was having fun!! This kills my high cuz the person who leaked that video is fuked up for that. But if she candle handle knockoff weed then she shouldn't touch anything else ever again!! * =}

  • angry mum
    angry mum

    My seven year old daughter who adored Miley was very disappointed. She ended up asking, " Why is it that when stars become rich and famous, they end up doing drugs?" There went my daughter's dream music career?

  • izzy

    To bo honest, YOU GO MILEY! Everyone deserves to have a salvia trip haha. I know lots of people who used to hate miley who are realizing shes not that different from other teens . She made a "mistake" ..get over it people! she has made many mistakes since the age of like 14,she has had more controversies than britney spears and she has only just turned 18

  • Jen

    To bo honest, YOU GO MILEY! Everyone deserves to have a salvia trip haha. I know lots of people who used to hate miley who are realizing shes not that different from other teens . She made a "mistake" ..get over it people!

  • ridiculous

    Okay, so what story is right? Because this Miley bong thing is getting REALLLY ridiculous. According to, that Anna girl flew down to NOLA, but Miley told her to go straight home because she needed to focus on the movie. But Celebuzz, on the other hand, says they hung out down in NOLA? So I believe absolutely NOTHING until I see some pictures.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn´t stand by a friend who would put a video of me in the internet. So if I were Miley I would think twice if I could trust a friend like that. Hopefully Miley knows what she´s doing by trusting to this friend of hers. She is still young and wants to try different things but hopefully she won´t get hooked with drugs. She is an idol to many teenage girls all around the world and she should be showing some good example to those fans. But with this video she´s showing just the opposite.

  • Milly

    f*ck it man its just a bond no one needs to kill no, and shes doing it for publicity like her up skirts she ,makes it happen she just don't want anyone to think shes Hannah Montana anymore Yea you brats....

  • dallas

    Well... all I can say is that if I had been followed around by cameras since her age, there would be some issues with PR, because I'm thinking doing coke and ex are far more scarring than a salvia trip. Which, I;m surprised she handled it so well? lol. That sh*t is f*ckin scary. yea,i'm sure she is doing it all, and she should,parents got to remember the world we live in now a days

  • sum kid
    sum kid

    it's a bong! so what! it's not even weed even if it was it still would not change my opinion, i have gained some respect for miley. and it's not like some kid will watch the video and gunna be like "well she's doing it so i should too"

  • Star

    Everybody knows when u 1st reach 18 u will act crazy for a while but at least she dosnt talk about it wildley like Taylor Momson