Scarlett Johansson’s Pre-Split Screaming Match

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds—who announced earlier this month that they have separated after two years of marriage—may be doing their best to keep the split amicable, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been tension behind the scenes.

Us Magazine reports that, on December 10—mere days before the announcement of their separation—26-year-old Iron Man 2 beauty Johansson had a screaming match over the phone at the Manhattan apartment where the couple lived.

A witness, who claims that Johansson looked “miserable” during the exchange, recalls that the actress stormed angrily into the apartment and gave someone an earful as she pressed the phone to her face:

“She was screaming into her phone, referring to someone as a ‘jerk.’ She looked really p*ssed off.”

It’s unclear whether ScarJo was doing verbal battle with Reynolds; according to earlier reports, Green Lantern star Reynolds had tried to reconcile the relationship prior to the split before throwing in the towel.