Casting the ‘Buffy’ Reboot: Heather Morris? (PHOTOS)

It was recently announced that the cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer was going to be remade into a feature film without the help of its original helmer, Joss Whedon. But since he isn’t going to be part of the project, it left many wondering: Would the reboot be in the vain of the ’90s dark comedy starring Kristy Swanson, or the cult classic TV show starring Sarah Michelle Gellar?

While those questions still remain a unanswered, names for who would play the vampire slayer have been thrown around, and it is rumored that Glee’s Heather Morris is at the of the list, leaving many to think the reboot will lean towards the comedic film.

Celebuzz thought we would give all those Hollywood casting agents a hand and put together a list of ladies that could work for either direction the film takes. Click through our gallery to see who we think could be the next vampire slayer. Don’t agree with us? Hit the comments and let us know who we missed!