Fans Support Justin and Selena’s Possible Romance

While Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s romance is uncertain, fans of both teen superstars are abuzz about the possibility of the two celebs hooking up.

Selena, 18, and Justin, 16, set the rumor mill spinning when they were photographed this weekend enjoying a giggly stroll and were later spotted snuggling on Justin’s private tour bus. Selena had previously called the “Baby” singer a “dork” and denied that the two were dating but the rumors just never seem to go away.

A small majority (55%) of Celebuzz readers think that there is no romance going on between the two stars and that they are “just toying with us.” Surprisingly, of those fans that do believe in the true love between Jelena, a majority support both stars and don’t have any unkind words for Selena.

Celebuzz commenter “I_LOVE_JUSTIN_BIEBER_MORE_THAN_U” urged her fellow Bieber fans to support Justin and his romantic interests:

guys if he wants to date her we should support him in it if we were tue beliebers we would b there for him even if he had a girlfriend did u no that justin thinks if he gets a girlfriend his fans wont b there for him any more well Justin if u do get a girlfriend i as a true beileber will b there for u bcause i love u and i would still by ur music on itunes or ur albums because u r really talented and i love u

Meanwhile, commenter “Nikky” voiced her opposition to the tweener May-December romance:

Omg, 1. Selena is 2 yrs older then Justin!!!!!!!! 2. wtf is going in the world these days, Justin needs to find someone his own age!!!!!! 3. we love you Justin! 4. We don’t want you near selena!!! :) Love, Nikky!

Commenter “me” doesn’t seem to think that there is any romance going on between Baby Biebs and sweet Sel. “Publicity stunt,” said the commenter, “No one would get that close to the cameras and pose like that by accident,” Conspiracy theory!

Outside of Celebuzz, most fans voiced their support of the Jelena romance and criticized Bieber-obsessed fangirls who had harsh words for Selena.

“Goddaaamn HOW could someone POSSiBLY hate on SELENA GOMEZ?!?!?!?!??!?!,” said Twitter user Rawr4Bieber, “She’s so AMAZING!!My Role Model! SHAME ON YOU HATERS!! SHAME!!”

Do you think people are responding unfairly to the Jelena romance? Share your thoughts in the comments.