Katy Perry Tops List of Potential ‘Wonder Woman’ Actresses

The science-fiction enthusiasts of the world have spoken, and what they’ve said is…they really want to see Katy Perry in a Wonder Woman outfit.

The “Teenage Dream” singer topped a poll conducted by Total Sci-Fi Online, asking which female its readers would prefer to see play the bracelet-sporting, lasso-wielding super-heroine in a still-in-development movie.

Perry took away a full 20 percent of the vote. Nipping closely at her heels is former Transformers beauty Megan Fox, who garnered 19 percent of the vote. Rounding out the top 5 choices were Monica Bellucci, with 18 percent, Angelina Jolie, with 12 percent, and recent Bond beauty Gemma Arterton, who also sashayed away with 12 percent of the vote.

Numerous women have expressed interest in the role, including singer and Cadillac Ranch actress Beyonce Knowles.

Wonder Woman was most famously portrayed by Lynda Carter, who played the patriotic heroine in the ’70s TV series The New Adventures of Wonder Woman:

Do you think Perry would make a good Wonder Woman? If not her, then who? Let us know in the comments section.