Lady Gaga Channels Ice Queen in Paris (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga is certainly keeping abreast of avant-garde fashions these days.

The "Alejandro" singer lit up Paris (where she experienced a bit of concert drama over the weekend) on Monday in her John Lennon sunglasses and jewel-encrusted, Ice Queen-inspired gown that offered more-than-ample glances of flesh.

Immerse yourself in the photo gallery to bask in Lady Gaga's latest fashion statement. Do you think the look suits her? Share with us in the comments section.



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  • Etia Zavrashvili
    Etia Zavrashvili

    that's a gorgeous dress

  • she_devil

    I swear to God, I think this woman is constantly suffering from's f-ing -16 degrees in Paris and she is half naked. I do understand art and doing everything for art, but this is ridiculous!!!!