Nicki Minaj’s Alleged Sex Tape Hits Internet

Does rap star Nicki Minaj have a sex tape? According to the online rumor mill, the 26-year-old wig-loving entertainer does indeed have a tape that is being shopped around by an unnamed group of men.

MediaTakeOut has screened the alleged sex tape and released a photo of a topless woman that they claim is the “Massive Attack” MC. The grainy photo shows a woman who does bear some resemblance to Nicki and is wearing one of her trademark black wigs.

The tape is believed to have been made before Nicki shot to fame and is reportedly being hawked for $100,000.

The sex tape rumors bring a strange end to a breakout year for Nicki – her first solo album, Pink Friday, was released in November and has already sold 500,000 units.

If the sex tape rumors are true, Nicki will join a long list of stars who had embarrassing nude footage leaked onto the internet. Nude photos of Kanye West, Christina Aguilera and Ke$ha were recently released on the internet, much to those stars’ objection.

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