Who is Sunny Oglesby: Levi Johnston’s New Girlfriend?

If you haven’t heard the name Sunny Oglesby, get used to it, because the 19-year-old is apparently Levi Johnston’s new girlfriend – at least, according to her Facebook profile and a kissy-kissy photo.

The Oregon native currently lives in Wasilla and is working at an elementary school daycare in addition to teaching preschool on the side. Sunny is also working towards a Child Development Associates degree, so you know she’s good with kids.

The pair have been dating for a couple months after meeting through mutual friends and according to E! Online, they’re even FBO! (Because you know it’s not official until it’s on Facebook.)

Sunny’s about me on Facebook says:

Lifes not so bad :)

Sunny Rae Camilla Oglesby is the name. Well I’m 18 years old… I live in Alaska and love it here .Iv moved around a lot in my life but here feels like home. I graduated high school in 2010. I Work at an elementary school in a daycare and I teach preschool too. I’m currently working on my CDA and will have an associates degree in child development by the end of the year. As far as activities I like anything that is fun… pretty much anything out door is awesome to me but I also enjoy watching movies and cuddling inside … that would have to be one of my favorite things ever:) I’v made a lot of mistakes and learned from them.. Had a lot of loser ex boyfriends and friends that just made me stronger and better..Stay out of drama as much as I possibly can but it finds me haha.. Pretty independent.. Leave my phone off some days just to have alone time… but at the same time im a social butterfly .. Love my friends and family till death! Live life to the fullest

Sounds like a normal gal. Let’s hope these two can make it last! If not, you know Kathy Griffin will be there to dry Levi’s tears.

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