Willow Smith: Celebuzz’s Breakout Star of 2010

In a year when much of young Hollywood’s biggest players entered adulthood and took on more mature images, one star emerged who still has just shy of a decade before she can even think about voting: Willow Smith. Even in today’s internet age, it’s rare to see such a meteoric rise to fame with such velocity for such a tiny tot (she’s 10 years old, people!), and if it’s any indication of what’s to come, we’re in for a whole lot more of the littlest Smith.

Mere months ago, a select handfew of celebrity followers knew about Willow simply thanks to her blood relation to parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. While her big brother Jayden was scoring headlines for being The Next Karate Kid, wee Willow and her team were crafting up a brilliant plan for pop culture dominance. As whispers begam to emerge that she’d be getting into the music biz a la her dad, before the world knew it, it happened. That “it”? The infectious “Whip My Hair.”

What in premise is really a ridiculous song turned out to be a smash hit thanks to a visually stunning video and the fact that the tune is just so darn catchy, celebs, talk show hosts and anyone else remotely in the business had it stuck in their heads for days. It inspired countless viral remakes, parodies and spoofs … including this masterpiece by Jimmy Fallon, starring none other than Bruce Springsteen (When you’ve gotten the Boss’ attention, you know you’re having a hell of a year).

The song’s success scored her a spot on Ellen, and also a presenting gig on this year’s American Music Awards.

While there’s not much in terms of movie making on her schedule accoridng to IMDB, it’s obvious that there’s going to be plenty of Willow for the world to enjoy in the coming year(s). Because of her infinite potential, remarkable pedigree and (hopefully) good management, here’s to Willow Smith’s breakout year, and everything that there might be to come.

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