‘Harry Potter’ Actress’ Brother Admits to Assaulting Her

All has not been well  in the world of Harry Potter lately—and it has nothing to do with Voldemort’s evil-doings.

People reports that the brother of Harry Potter actress Afshan Azad has pleaded guilty to assaulting her last May, because he was enraged that she had begun dating a non-Muslim.

Ashraf Azad, 28, admitted to physically attacking his 22-year-old sibling in their family home in Manchester upon learning that she had become romantically involved with a Hindu man. He was also accused of threatening her life, though he was cleared of those charges. (Afshan’s father, Abul Azad, was also accused of threatening his daughter’s life, and was also cleared.)

According to the BBC, Azad, who is due to be sentenced on January 21, has been bailed out, on the conditions that he remain at the family home, does not travel to London—where his sister currently resides—and does not attempt to contact his sister.

Warning Azad that he could face jail time, Judge Roger Thomas told the defendant,

“Domestic violence can result, even for a man such as you, in imprisonment.”

Afshan, who plays Harry Potter classmate Padma Patil in the movie series, was forced to flee through her bedroom window in order to escape the beating, according to testimony.

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