Katy Perry: Celebuzz’s Celeb of 2010 (VIDEO)

When Katy Perry announced her fondness for kissing girls back in 2008, she made a splash on the music scene and won fans in ‘tweens and salivating guys alike. It was in 2010, though, that Katy went from featured performer to full-blown headline act and pop culture superstar. Permeating the radio airwaves, causing a stir on Sesame Street, and oh yeah, getting married, were just a few of the reasons why Katy is Celebuzz’s Celeb of the Year. Just thinking about her 2010 makes us dizzy!

Katy rang in 2010 with an engagement to comedian Russell Brand and made a play for movie stardom when she landed the role of flirty Smurfette in the live-action Smurfs flick. But it was the Summer of Katy that really kicked off her bid for Celeb of the Year. It all started when she dropped what would be the Song of Summer in May. (Need we say the title?) With its Snoop Dogg interlude and catchy bubble-gum melodies, “California Gurls” was literally inescapable, breaking the Billboard record for most radio plays in a single week. Whether you found it catchy or downright annoying, who could deny the literal eye candy of the video, in which a scantily-clad Katy lolls among tufts of cotton candy and shoots whipped cream from her bra?

The “California Gurls” unofficial press tour took Katy to a surprise concert in New York’s Times Square, the Today show and an insiders-only set at the Ed Sullivan Theatre. While the sumptuous singer made the rounds, her seemingly never-ending array of latex dresses and rainbow-hued wigs would later establish her as the go-to Halloween costume for celebs and average peeps alike.

Katy cemented her sex symbol status with a topless Rolling Stone shoot before going on to appear in Shape, Lucky, Cosmo Esquire and others, but her popularity in 2010 wasn’t just about her hot bod. She brought sparkling personality and undying energy as host of the Teen Choice Awards in August, the same month she dropped her sophomore album, Teenage Dream. Like “California Gurls” before it, the title single shot to number-one on the Billboard chart.

With her career soaring, Katy was due for a mini-scandal, which came in September, when her duet with Elmo was dubbed too hot for Sesame Street. (Oops.) A good-nature Katy spoofed it as musical guest on SNL.

Katy moved on, garnering even more attention in October when she tied the knot with Russell in India. Shunning the usual celeb model of releasing their wedding photos to a glossy, Katy and Russell kept photos and details of their special day private. Classy!

Never one to fully drop out of the public consciousness, even on her honeymoon, Katy released a third single, “Firework.” No surprise that it soared to number-one and became an anthem for the national battle against bullies.

As the year wound down, Katy did anything but, releasing a signature fragrance Purr, strutting her stuff at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, dazzling VH1 Divas and setting off on a tour of the nation’s Jingle Balls. During this time, Katy capped off her mega-year with the mother of all music nominations – the Grammys’ Album of the Year. From the spheres of music, pop culture, fashion and frankly, sex, Katy took 2010 by storm, handily landing the honor of Celebuzz’s Celeb of the Year. It’s hard to imagine how Katy had time for this level of domination, or how she’ll top it in 2011, but we’ll be watching and waiting.

What’s your favorite Katy Perry moment of 2010? Do you agree that she’s the Celeb of the Year? Sound off in the comments.