Kelly Rutherford Defends ‘Artist’ Taylor Momsen

Even though there are rumors that Taylor Momsen is on an “indefinite hiatus” from Gossip Girl, her on-screen step-mom, Kelly Rutherford, is still showing support for the actress-cum-rocker.

“Hopefully she’ll come back and do some more with us,” Kelly told HollywoodLife about Taylor’s absence from the show. “Her passion has just really become her music, Taylor’s out there doing her music and if you hear her music you understand why she is so passionate. You can hear it. I love Jenny Humphrey, but Jenny Humphrey really loves rock and roll.”

Although Taylor has had little screen time on Gossip Girl, she has been keeping herself busy with her rock band, The Pretty Reckless.

Check out Taylor rocking out in The Pretty Reckless’ “Just Tonight” music video.

Kelly also comes to Taylor’s defense for her sometimes eyebrow-raising behavior. “She’s intelligent and she’s beautiful and it’s not as easy as everyone thinks it is for her, to be doing what she’s doing especially at her age and with her talent,” said Kelly. “I think she’s young and is exploring her world and she’s exploring being an artist. I think it’s important to be fully expressed.”

Taylor recently shot down rumors that she was being written off of Gossip Girl because of alleged “diva” antics.

“It’s complete BS. I’m still definitely on the show,” Taylor said in an interview earlier this month, “Please don’t buy the crap of the magazines. Normally, I don’t even feel need to address these rumors.”

Gossip Girl insiders have come to TMoms’ defense to explain her small amount of screentime.

“Everyone likes her,” an on-set source said in November, “Her absence really is driven by the story. Anything else is speculative.” The source also explains that Taylor is featured less on the show because she is in high school and most of the main characters are in college.

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