Report: Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene Fought ‘E-Mail War’ Over Joe Jonas

Troubled Disney star Demi Lovato lashed out at her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas’ current lady-love Ashley Greene, via e-mail after the latter two began dating, a source tells X17 Online.

According to the source, Lovato, who broke up with the Jonas Brother in May, was so distraught by Jonas’ decision to date the Twilight beauty that she fired off “a very nasty e-mail” to Greene, berating her for “stealing her boyfriend and parading him around with him on tour.” (Jonas invited Greene along on the Camp Rock 2 tour, which Lovato was also performing on until she dropped off the tour in late October.)

The mole adds that Greene responded in kind, e-mailing Lovato a picture of herself and Joe together and cautioning Lovato to leave them alone.

It was announced on December 1 that Lovato had dropped out of the Camp Rock 2 tour and entered an undisclosed rehab facility for “emotional and physical issues,” after allegedly getting into a physical altercation with Alex “Shorty” Welch, a backup dancer on the tour.

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