‘Robert Pattinson’ Hates Christmas on ‘Fallon’

With Christmas just days away, Jimmy Fallon busted out his fantastic Robert Pattinson impression once again for a holiday-themed installation of ‘Robert Is Bothered.’

So what is R-Pattz, who Jimmy refers to as “one cozy mitten,” bothered by this time around? You guessed it: The holidays. After climbing up into his favorite weeping tree, Robert-Jimmy launches into an anti-Christmas tirade:

Holidays bother me. Shopping bothers me. Christmas shopping bothers me! Christmas shopping is stupid!

He goes on to declare that the only people who should wake up at 5:30 in the morning are “moron” farmers, not Christmas shoppers. He’s also got a beef with that “fat drifter” Santa Claus. It’s a rant that you simply need to see during prime holiday shopping insanity. Watch the full clip below: