The ‘Jersey Shore’ Extended Trailer is Guido-Tastic (VIDEO)

Better start doing some warm-up fist-pumps, reality-TV fans; Jersey Shore returns to MTV for its third season on January 6, and judging from the newly released extended trailer for the season, Snooki, Pauly D and the rest of the well-tanned gang will be upping their game big-time.

Chief among the shake-ups is the inclusion of new roomie Deena Nicole Cortese, who proves her worthiness by stripping down to the altogether on her first day with the gang. Other highlights: Ronnie getting a colonoscopy (hope the colon-cam footage shows up in the DVD extras), pole-dancing gone awry and, of course, Snooki’s now-infamous arrest for disorderly (and seemingly tipsy) conduct.

Revel in the spectacle by watching the extended trailer below. Will you be tuning in to welcome the Jersey Shore crew back into your lives? Let us know in the comments section!