Jennifer Aniston Wants Chelsea Handler to Back Off on Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston Wants Chelsea Handler to Back Off on Angelina Jolie-photo

Angelina Jolie has found an unlikely ally in her one-sided war of words with Chelsea Lately funnywoman Chelsea HandlerJennifer Aniston, who was famously married to Brad Pitt before Jolie swooped in and made him her man.

According to PopEater, Aniston has distanced herself from her pal Handler—with whom Aniston recently vacationed in Mexico—after Handler lashed out at Jolie during a show, calling her a "f*cking c*nt" and a "homewrecker."

A Handler pal tells PopEater's Rob Shuter,

"Jen and Chelsea haven't officially fallen out but they certainly won't be going on vacation together for a long time unless Chelsea promises to never talk about Angelina agai. She understands that what Chelsea did was out of loyalty, but it didn't help. In fact, it made things worse."

A friend of Aniston's confirms the chilled relations between the two, adding,

"Jen is a very private person. It's one thing to crash Angelina in private; it's another to do it in public. Chelsea should have known better and is feeling Jen's cold shoulder for her mistake."

Oh, well; at least Handler can always turn to her other buddy, 50 Cent, for solace.

Whose side do you fall on in this feud—Chelsea's or Angelina's? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • lifeisbeautiful

    I think that Chelsea handler used to be funny, but now I just think that she spends way too much of her time thinking, and talking about Angelina Jolie. I wonder if Angelina even knows of Chelsea's existence. I feel sorry for Chelsea, it sounds to me like Chelsea should spend more time focusing on your own life then spending it trashing someone who doesn't even know, or care that she's alive.

  • Laura Elizabeth Payne
    Laura Elizabeth Payne

    Just because a "Source says" doesn't mean it's true. People need to realize that. -_-

  • Guest

    Jen is skizoid. She cries to Chelsea in private knowing who Chelsea is...knowing Chelsea would probably use this in her routine, now she leaks publicaly that she's "angry" about the routine that she set up. Skizoid! She's a braver one than I am. I would be more worried about pissing off Chelsea than Brad. Who cares about what Brad thinks and certainly damn what Angelina thinks...I mean!

  • Chelseisac***

    chelsea the horse handler is the biggest c*** of all...... geez, woman you are born ugly so dont go hating on angie. you are a disgrace to your friend, jennifer

  • stare power
    stare power

    i think chelsea handler need to shut up its been 5 years she should get a life in stop talking about angelina jolie cause she wasnt the only one in the bed he have a mind if he really cared about jennifer aniston he would have ever chetted own her

  • Maggie

    Comics are notoriously irreverent and I am sure Angelina is both dismissal and unconcerned.


    I know how Jen feels about Angelina anytime a marriage breaks up it is hard but to have to go through it with the whole world watching is even harder

  • nikki

    good gosh, she has the face of a 60 year old. she should really get some work done!

  • reneelucky7

    She is tripping out because Jen is a very private person. She doesn't want people to think that she is still bitter over the spilt because Chelsea keeps opening up that can of worms.