Justin Bieber Goes on a Mustache Binge (PHOTOS)

Leave it to Justin Bieber to use Twitter as his very own vehicle for his recent obsession with mustaches. The teen superstar unleashed his #stacheswaggin hashtag on the world yesterday, and there’s photos to back it up.

Bieber, who recently rocked a drawn-on ‘stache for the world, upped the ante by pasting on a ridiculous 1970s-esque black lip blanket. In one photo, he’s posing next to his “swagger coach” Ryan Good, while in another, a tour member Bieber refers to as “my dude Tom” works his mustache magic.

It will only be a matter of time before the 16-year-old Biebs can actually grow his very own mustache, so enjoy the faux-stache hijinx while they’re still here. What do you think of Biebs’ ‘stache? For more Celebrity Men in Mustaches, click here.